30 Mar 2010

Mail Art

Da ich in Trier geboren bin, hab ich mich kurzerhand entschlossen, bei der Mailart-Aktion der TUFA in Trier mitzumachen. Das ganze ist bloß zum Spaß und es gibt nichts zu gewinnen.
Wer trotzdem auch mitmachen will: Mehr Infos gibt es hier

Hier ist meine Postkarte. Acryl, Tusche und Bleistift auf Aquarellkarton. Hat Spaß gemacht : )

25 Feb 2010

Judith of Flanders

Judith of Flanders was a Frankish princess who lived in the 9th century. Here's a very, very short version of her story:

She married for the first time at the age 12 or 13. Her husband was Ethelwulf king of Wessex. When he died, two years later. She was married to his son Ethelbald who also died shortly after their marriage.

She was send back home to France where she spent another two years in custody untill she finally fled with a knight called Sir Baldwin. The church wasn't amused. But Pope Nicholas finally decided that because they both wanted this marriage (hopefully because of love, but we don't know...)they had to be allowed to stay together.

Even Archbishop Hincmar of Reims had to give in and they were allowed to marry.
This is how she looks like to me. I hope, I did her justice.

Colour sketch, acrylic and pencil on paper.

30 Jan 2010

Hobbit - Fan Art

Just a little sketch inspired by J.R.R Tolkiens 'The Hobbit'.
I used no ref and I actually wanted to work on it a bit more with my husband posing for me, but somehow I like it the way it is.

Hier ist eine kleine Skizze zu Tolkiens 'Hobbit'.
Bleistift auf Papier, Farbe in Photoshop

Bilbo and Elrond
Pencil on paper, tinted in Photoshop

15 Jan 2010

New Website

I have a new website! Actually it's still the same, but it looks completely different.
I was no longer happy with the old design. It somehow seemed outdated.

Here it is. I hope you like it.

Ich hab eine neue Homepage. Das alte Design war einfach nicht mehr mein Geschmack.  Hier ist der Link